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8 Questions With The Farm House's Trey Cioccia

What's one word to describe how you feel right now after your first night of service?
Emotional. Oh yeah, it's just been a long time coming. I mean, I had my servers bring me my first check from the first table that came in. And I walked out there to talk to them just because it's emotional. I've already got it framed in the back.

What dishes sold the best?
I don't know that there was one thing that we were sending out the most, I think it was pretty even, but that's what we want. We sold a lot of shrimp, trout, pork belly. The pork cheeks sold way better than we thought they would.And the beer cheese, we were not expecting that to sell so well. It's kind of like pimento cheese as far as texture, where a lot of beer cheese is cooked down to where it's real fine. Ours is fresh cheese soaked in Duck Rabbit beer.

Anything that maybe didn't sell as well as you hoped?
I think the chicken liver salad. I mean it's chicken liver, so I think people are kind of scared of it. The servers said they were hesitant to eat it, but when they did, they said it was good. But yeah, I think just that salad.

Have any first night problem diners?
We had one guy, he was a name dropper off the bat. And when you start the name dropping thing, it's like, 'Do you actually know them, or did you just eat there?' He said that the soup was too expensive for the portion size, but he ate every single bit of it, said he liked it. Then he got the pork cheeks, said it was cold. We redid it, sent it back out, he still said it was okay. And then he ordered our house-made Twinkie and that was the only thing he complimented us on. But hey, if that's the worst thing that happened tonight...he left happy.

Any changes you know you'll make for tomorrow's service?
We'll tweak a few of the sides, thin the pasta dough out a little more, probably revamp the fried apple pie.

What wine sold the best?
Clay Franklin, General Manager: The Sharecropper's without a doubt. All the staff was pumped about it, because there is this really unique thing going on with a bunch of wineries in the same area, where they have some leftover juice, and rather than waste it, people are putting a blend together, and it's called Sharecroppers. It's like CSA for wineries. It's delicious.

If you weren't drinking here tonight, where would you be drinking?
Either home or at Broadway Brewhouse in Midtown. That's where you'd find me.

Anything else to add?
I'm happy, man, it's just a good night.
[Trey Cioccia; Photo Will Vastine Photography]