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The 404 Kitchen Is 'Outstanding'; Boca Loca Reviewed

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The Nashville Scene's Steve Cavendish believes that if The 404 Kitchen "maintains [its] strong start, it will be one of the best restaurants in Nashville[,]" citing executive chef Matt Bolus' self-described 'fresh, honest and uncomplicated food:'

Take his red grouper ($28), for example, which was parked on top of a bowl of cannellini beans. At first blush, it's a pretty straightforward Italian preparation of protein on top of vegetable, but one bite shows the level of technique at play here. The fish is perfectly cooked, skin on, and seasoned well. The beans are soft but not mushy and punctuated with guanciale — a cured pork made from cheeks and similar to bacon — and Brussels sprouts. Bolus can claim all he wants that this dish is "uncomplicated," but there's nothing simple about the depth of flavor here. [Nashville Scene]

Over at the Tennessean, Nancy Vienneau provides a little Nashville dining history lesson along with her review, providing some back story on the (in recent years) troubled 2000 Belcourt Ave. restaurant property, which is currently home to Boca Loca Cantina and Taco Factory. She sees few surprises from their roster of tacos, but notes that "the corn tortillas are made in-house, the meats are well-prepared, and each taco comes well-dressed: fresh pineapple and avocado on the Al Pastor, citrus slaw on the crisp fish, tomatillo relish on the roast chicken." And with upgrades to the restaurant interior, weekly specials and a focus on neighborhood outreach, Vienneau believes that "[w]hile it may be too soon to make grand declarations, there's a good chance that the curse is broken." [The Tennessean]
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The 404 Kitchen

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