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Bob Waggoner Is OUT at Watermark, Paul Ent Promoted to Executive Chef

And so the revolving door continues in the kitchen at Watermark, as Bob Waggoner is out, having 'left' the restaurant approximately three weeks ago, and sous chef Paul Ent has been promoted to executive chef. Hughes Brown, general manager, confirms with Eater that Waggoner is indeed no longer in the kitchen or involved with the restaurant, stating that "when we started our engagement with him, he had a two year contract, and that contract has ended." However, the restaurant's website says that he joined Watermark in January of 2012, making his departure a little premature, and multiple sources tell Eater that it was not a friendly fire, as he was apparently abruptly let go. Waggoner has been splitting time between Nashville and Charleston, as well as working on his new PBS cooking show Sing For Your Supper. No word yet on his future plans. Know any other details? Do send them to the tipline at
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