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Welcome to Eater Nashville

enash-icon.jpgHello world, Eater Nashville is here! We are excited to be bringing readers the most comprehensive coverage of the Nashville restaurant, dining and nightlife scene, and to share the many things that make Nashville one of the coolest food cities around. After all, we are more than just 'meat-and-threes' here in Middle Tennessee (though we love 'meat-and-three').

Eater Nashville couldn't be more thrilled to join the Eater National family of sites, including Eater National, New York, Chicago, LA, SF, Miami, Austin, DC, Portland, Dallas, Houston, Boston, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Denver, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Maine, Charleston, Seattle, Minneapolis, San Diego, and Louisville. And a extra special howdy to Eater Detroit, which also launches today.

Who am I, you ask? The simple answer is Matt Rogers, a life-long Tennessean, born and bred, with a love of all things restaurant-related. After college, armed with a journalism degree, I moved to Nashville to make my mark. After working as a PR director for a local non-profit, I moved into the commercial real estate world. But during that time something else started to pull me, drawing me in another direction: food. I became fascinated with all aspects of the restaurant industry, reading and researching constantly, and talking to anyone that would listen about this world. I became determined to find my way into it, and fast-forward, here I am, your new Eater Nashville editor!

Here is where the crowd participation part starts. While I will work to bring you the best and freshest food and drink news day in and day out, I can't do it without reader help. If you hear a rumor of a new restaurant opening, let me know. If your buddy who works the line at a local eatery tells you the chef is on the outs, drop me a line. If you see or hear something ridiculous and you just need someone to tell, I'm here for you. Good or bad, we want to know, all at

While you're at it, follow us on twitter at @EaterNashville and like us on Facebook. Let's do this!