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Nashville Gets More High Quality 'Cue With Peg Leg Porker, Slow & Low BBQ Bistro

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Local media certainly seems to have barbecue on the brain these days, as the Tennessean's Nancy Vienneau gets in the game by reviewing new purveyors Peg Leg Porker and Slow & Low BBQ Bistro.

The Gulch's Peg Leg Porker, owned and operated by award winning pitmaster Carey Bringle, "is the realization of a long-held dream." Vienneau says that Bringle "knows his smoked meats, recommending the "[h]ickory-kissed pulled pork," along with the dry ribs and smoked chicken with "[c]risp bronzed skin." She praises most of the sides, particularly "the smoked green beans, simmered with plenty of onion and ham, and the baked beans, cloaked in a dark, complex sauce that's not too sweet."

Slow & Low BBQ Bistro, located on Charlotte Pike in the former Stone House Q property, is the permanent home of Trey Southerland and Burke Mahling's roving kitchen. The ribs "come fall-off-the-bone juicy and delicious. The best though is the brisket of beef - thick cut, pink-ringed slices redolent of hickory." Sides "are up and down," with the country-style green beans and "hapless" fries needing a little more attention. [The Tennessean]

Peg Leg Porker

904 Gleaves Street, Nashville, TN 615-829-6023

Slow & Low BBQ Bistro

333 54th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37209