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British Invasion

Benji.JPGFollowing up on the recent coverage showered down upon Nashville by U.K.'s The Guardian, travel writer Benji Lanyado has made the trip across the pond to see first-hand what it's all about. Working his way from Chicago to Memphis and using social media to direct him to the best and brightest, he and his team hit Nashville last night. Included in their adventures was a stop at Prince's Hot Chicken Shack, tailgating for the Vanderbilt/Ole Miss game (and getting some very interesting SEC knowledge imparted to them) and a double dose of breakfast at Noshville and Hattie B's. [The Guardian]
[Benji Lanyado (& trusty sidekick Gary) at Noshville]

Prince's Hot Chicken Shack

123 Ewing Drive, , TN 37207 (615) 226-9442 Visit Website

Hattie B's Hot Chicken

2222 8th Ave, , TN 37204 (615) 970-3010 Visit Website