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Middle Tennessee's First Izakaya, Two Ten Jack, Coming to East Nashville

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Two Ten Jack, Nashville's first izakaya, or Japanese pub, is planned to open in phase two of East Nashville's Walden development. Co-owner/founder Patrick Burke with local restaurant group Seed Hospitality envisions the restaurant, which is named after a popular Japanese card game, as a "community-oriented gathering spot, serving Japanese comfort food by way of the South."

Burke, a principal with Seed Hospitality, is owner of popular Zumi Sushi in Hillsboro Village. His partner, restaurateur Jason McConnell, is chef/owner of Franklin restaurants Red Pony, 55 South and Cork and Cow, among others.

Says Burke about the concept:

We want it to be very neighborhood-driven. Culinarily, it will be a serious restaurant with chef-driven cuisine, handcrafted cocktails and authentic gourmet ramen. But the atmosphere will be very welcoming, convivial. We are working with local artists for a lot of the interior elements, and our goal is to connect the rural Japanese culture of the 1800s with a more modern-day neighborhood tavern.

Burke says that he and McConnell spent time in New York City in June cooking with a ramen master, and that a number of different ramens will be featured daily. Yakitori, another Japanese favorite, will also be on the menu.

The interior of the restaurant will seat 90 and feature a large bar in the middle of the space, as well as booths, smaller, more intimate seating areas and spaces that can be used for private dining. There will also be a patio that will seat another 30. They are currently shooting for a late September/early October opening mid-November opening.
· Two Ten Jack Official Facebook Page
· Seed Hospitality Website

Two Ten Jack

1900 Eastland Avenue, Suite 105, Nashville, TN 37206