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Spike TV's Bar Rescue Visits Rutledge Hill's BoondoxXx BBQ, Changes to Pit and Barrel

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Photo Eater Nashville/Spike TV

It looks like barbecue joint BoondoxXx BBq has been given the Bar Rescue treatment. Yesterday BoondoxXx posted on their Facebook page: "The BRAND NEW look courtesy...of a special bar renovation TV Show...More info coming SOON!" Further scrolling down the page reveals photos of bar savior and host Jon Taffer filming and talking with the crew. Other than some renovations to the exterior and the name change to Pit and Barrel, the extent of the intervention is not currently known. Have any intel? Were you there during the big reveal? Drop us a line at
· BoondoxXx BBQ [Facebook]

Pit and Barrel

515 2nd Ave S, Nashville, TN 37210