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'Celebrity Chef' Opening 'Nashville Oasis' in New York?

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Photo Wikipedia/Eater Nashville

It appears that someone in New York City is aiming to capitalize on the growing popularity of Nashville's restaurant and food scene, as a local Craigslist post appeared over the weekend looking for an executive chef to help 'open a "love letter to Nashville" in the middle of New York City.' The post states that it is 'celebrity chef owned,' but keeps exactly who said chef is a mystery. It also promises a 'super high profile opening......lots of press and television,' and that expansion of the concept beyond the first location would be in the cards. And what would the food at this '[N]ashville oasis in the middle of NYC' consist of? Apparently 16 menu items, including '...lots of [G]oo [G]oo [C]lusters. . chicken [Hattie B's called out specifically], skillet corn bread, mac and cheese [and] black eye peas[.]' Who might be the mysterious celebrity chef behind this? Do send any and all intel to the tipline, and be sure to check back for more details.
· NYC . Looking for Executive Chef.Nashville Hot Chicken.Celebrity Chef (New York City) [Craigslist]