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City Winery Grand Opening Tonight, Doors Open to the Public Tomorrow

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The 36,000 square foot entertainment and dining complex is finally ready to show off.

City Winery/Twitter

After a number of tune ups for the stage and kitchen over the past several weeks, City Winery will get things rolling tomorrow as they officially open their doors to the public. This major addition to the SoBro scene, located at 609 Lafayette Street, offers a little bit of everything, with a 300-seat music venue, 100-seat restaurant, upstairs bar, outdoor patios and private dining space, with the winery portion of the project reported to become fully functional in the fall of next year. Executive chef Kristin Beringson is overseeing a menu of City Winery staples, along with some of her own creations. Plan on hitting up the opening tomorrow? Do be sure to drop a line in the comments with any and all first impressions.