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Fido Executive Chef John Stephenson Parts Ways With the Hillsboro Village Favorite

After 12 years with the restaurant, Stephenson is stepping away to work on a new project.


It looks to be the end of an era, as executive chef/general manager John Stephenson, at the helm of Hillsboro Village's much loved Fido for the past 12 years, is stepping away. The change was announced this past Wednesday via Fido's Twitter account: "In case I don't get to say it to your face [N]ashville, it's been a great 12 years at Fido. Follow me @chefjstephenson for what's next!! Xxoo[.]" Stephenson's Twitter profile states that he is working on a new project, and when asked what it might be, he told Eater simply that it is "something happening in the new year."

And no word yet on who might be replacing Stephenson as chef and GM at Fido, so be sure to check back for updates on both fronts.