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Whites Creek's Chelsea Bistro Closes Up Shop

The French eatery made it a little over a year in what would be considered a difficult location for any restaurant.

John Reneger/Urbanspoon

It looks like the inevitable finally happened, as French restaurant Chelsea Bistro has closed its doors. Opened in the Whites Creek area north of town at the end of July last year, the eatery posted a farewell message on their website late last week, thanking their guests, staff and former executive chef Garrett Pittler. They posted the same message on their Facebook page last Friday, and when questioned as to when their last night would be, they responded saying that they had actually closed the Saturday prior.

The restaurant garnered solid reviews from both The Tennessean and The Nashville Scene, but with the location, an inability to attract enough traffic from in-town diners most certainly had to play a large part in the closing.