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Rumours Wine Bar in the Gulch Unexpectedly Closes Its Doors

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Restaurant owners cite rent, traffic and a new liquor law as reasons for the closure.

Rumours Wine Bar/Facebook

In a bit of surprise news, Rumours Wine Bar in the Gulch announced via their Facebook page late this afternoon that they have closed their doors for good. The restaurant and bar, which moved to the 1104 Division Street location from their original 12 South spot in February of 2013, posted the following statement:

Rumours Wine Bar, located on Division Street in the Gulch, closed its doors yesterday. Rumours at its current location had been open since February of 2013 and, before moving to the Gulch, operated for seven-plus years in the 12South neighborhood.

Owners Jenn Doherty McCarthy and Tammy Webb-Baker said that their small independent restaurant struggled with the transition to a rental space that was more expensive than the 12th Avenue South location, but had much less foot traffic. A new liquor law that eliminated a ten-day payment window for alcohol sales and required payment on delivery also created cashflow difficulties for the relatively new small business.

"We would like to thank everyone who supported us over the last year and a half," said Doherty-McCarthy in an email to customers and staff. "We need to thank our fantastic staff, loyal and regular patrons, and all of the local businesses we worked with. Our time in the Gulch was special. Being part of this community has meant the world to us."

No word yet on what the former owners plans are, and it's too soon to know what might fill the space, so be sure to check back for future updates.

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