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It Looks Like Midtown's Troubled Music City Tippler Will Close This Weekend

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Time to empty the bar.

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After a little over a year in business, it looks like Music City Tippler, the Midtown restaurant and bar that has struggled for a large part of its short life, will shutter permanently this weekend. Back in August, local restaurant group Strategic Hospitality was hired on in what appeared to be a last ditch effort by the Tippler owners to save the project, but Eater has now received a tip from a trusted source saying that an 'empty the bar' party will be taking place this weekend, something typically done as a last hurrah. Additionally, a social media post from former Tippler general manager Daniel Cheney confirms this, stating that his sources tell him this Friday night will be the restaurant's last.

The Tippler, which opened in August of last year, took over a challenging space in the ground floor of the Adelicia that had already seen two restaurants fail. Then at the beginning of this year, a mass exodus of personnel occurred, with a number of executive chef changes following. And most recently, amid reported financial trouble, Strategic Hospitality was engaged to try and turn things around.

Recent diner reviews also help to tell the tale of a sinking ship, with one OpenTable review from just four days ago stating that they 'were informed that [the restaurant] no longer [has] a dinner menu,' and that water was brought out to them in plastic cups. Another Yelp review from over the weekend describes an incredibly long wait for drinks and subsequently being told that '[the restaurant] would be out soon.'

Representatives for Music City Tippler could not be immediately reached. So do let us know if you have any additional information, or if you plan on helping them 'empty the bar' this weekend.

Music City Tippler

1922 Adelicia Street, Nashville, TN 37212