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Nashville's 'Sushi Nazi' Is Back at Work at Acme Feed & Seed

Sam Katakura, former owner of the much-loved Sam's Sushi Bar, officially opened his new sushi outpost at Acme Feed & Seed on Monday.

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Sam's Sushi Bar's new home at Acme Feed & Seed
Sam's Sushi Bar's new home at Acme Feed & Seed
Submitted by Acme Feed & Seed

A Nashville institution is back at it, as Sam Katakura, the former owner of downtown's Sam's Sushi Bar, is officially now on the job at Acme Feed and Seed. The four-floor dining and entertainment venue opened the new second floor sushi bar on Monday, offering a small menu of nigiri and rolls, ranging in price from $4 to $12. Planned hours are 5 to 10 p.m. daily.

Katakura, often referred to as 'The Sushi Nazi' for his somewhat abrasive demeanor when dealing with customers, closed up his downtown storefront at the end of April after 15 years in business. Then in June it was announced that he would be joining the Acme team. But in this new setting, will he still be able to have the same customer interactions that made his spot a local legend in the first place? If you're planning on heading over to check it out, let us know.