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Pastry Chef Lisa Donovan Is Saying Goodbye to Husk

Her last day will be Nov.21.

Lisa Donovan in the kitchen with Husk Nashville executive chef Sean Brock
Lisa Donovan in the kitchen with Husk Nashville executive chef Sean Brock
Buttermilk Road Sunday Supper

As pastry chef changes go, it's hard to think of a bigger one than this, as Lisa Donovan, founder of Buttermilk Road Supper Club and the pastry chef at Husk Nashville since day one, has announced her intent to leave her post. Donovan published the following on her website earlier today:

There are many changes on the horizon for me. The biggest and most dramatic change for me is that on November 21st, I will be moving on from my post as Pastry Chef of Husk Nashville. When Sean called and offered me the job, my admiration for him and my desire to learn from him in a kitchen trumped my knowledge that the restaurant industry was not necessarily the easiest industry to sustain a family life, a writing career or a healthy physical state of being within. I did it anyway and it has been such a rewarding ride. I feel proud to have built the menus I built and so honored to have worked along side Sean – what I have learned from him as a chef and as a friend in this industry (and life at large) has been something that is invaluable to me. I’ll carry these last nearly two years with me in a really special way. But, finding a more sustainable way to both work and be with my family while I build my career is paramount to me in this phase of life. The graciousness with which Husk is sending me out into the world is so loving, kind and understanding. I’ll definitely miss my little corner of that kitchen.

Donovan tells Eater that, as referenced in the above post, she is taking time off to be with family and work on some writing projects. Asked what plans might be after, she simply says 'We'll see what the future holds." So be sure to keep an eye on this space for future updates on her next moves.


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