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Nashville International Airport
Nashville International Airport
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Where to Eat at Nashville International Airport (BNA)

Yes, these are the best options at the moment

Ah, holiday travel — the season of increased traffic and inevitably delayed flights is here. But having a place to grab a bite or drink on the go is one way to make the most of an otherwise lackluster experience. So here to help assuage those layover hunger pains is Eater's Airport Dining Guide. Certainly no one is accusing BNA of being a bastion of fine dining (and let's be honest: it would be best to plan to eat after before or after airport arriving at one of these spots), but if one must, here are the eateries that have set up shop.

Good news is that changes are in the works, and soon there will hopefully be more appealing options added to the mix — ones that reflect the exciting things happening in Nashville dining. But until then, at least there are plenty of places to grab a drink.

Facebook/Eighth & Roast
  • 8th & Roast Coffee Co: A traveler’s best bet for caffeination (and supporting local), the popular Nashville-born coffee shop was founded in 2009, and recently set up shop at BNA. [Located near Gate C-20]
  • Berry Field Bistro: This new grab-and-go restaurant offers sandwiches, wraps and salads, along with pressed juices, baked goods and charcuterie plates. [Concourse C near Gate C-2]
  • Blue Coast Burrito: Yep, this is the last chance to stuff your face with a giant burrito before leaving Music City. The popular Tennessee-based chain also has tacos, salads, quesadillas and more. [Concourse C Food Court]
  • Fat Bottom Brewing: All beers are available on draft and can be consumed at the kiosk, in the concourse, or at the gate. Also take a little bit of Nashville home with 4-packs of 16-ounce cans available for purchase to enjoy later at your final destination. [Concourse C Food Court, near Gate C-14]
  • Freshens Smoothies & Yogurt: What has to be the most healthy dining option at BNA, Freshens offers a variety of smoothies and salads. There also just happens to be New York Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs right beside it, for families torn between fresh and franks. [A/B Food Court]
  • Gibson Cafe: A large cafe area featuring Gibson Guitar-themed memorabilia and music, its got a full bar (score) and typical bar fare. [Concourse C near Gate C-20]
  • Hissho Sushi: While many might not want to eat sushi at an airport, some do, and for them, this place has a selection of starters, sushi, and hot plates. [Near Concourse C Food Court]
  • La Hacienda: The much-loved Nashville institution posts up at BNA, serving their take on traditional Mexican cuisine. [Concourse A near Gate A-3]
  • Neely’s Bar-B-Que: Tony Neely is constantly working to tweak existing menu items and create new favorites. To his credit, he has developed famous Neely dishes such as bbq nachos, bbq spaghetti, and the family’s cole slaw recipe. [Concourse B, near Gate B-4]
  • Noshville Delicatessen: This longstanding local staple serves items such as Matzah Ball soup, Reubens, and burgers, as well as a solid breakfast — like French toast with thick, homemade Challah bread. And you can choose between a large sit-down restaurant area or their grab-and-go counter, which is nice. [A/B Food Court]
  • O’Charley’s: Yes, it’s a chain. But at least it’s a chain with headquarters in Nashville. And there’s no arguing about the pull of those yeast rolls. [Concourse C, past Gate C-9]
  • Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Maybe you already got your fill of fowl with Nashville hot chicken. But, sometimes, nothing beats the simple pleasures of Louisiana-fast Popeye’s fried chicken, and the BNA location serves breakfast to take the edge off that Nashville bachelorette weekend hangover. Sort of. [A/B Food Court]
  • Starbucks Coffee: Because air travel calls for many coffee stops, and there’s only one 8th and Roast in the airport. [Concourse C near Gate C-10, Concourse C Meeter-Greeter Area, A/B Rotunda]
  • Tennessee Brew Works: The Tennessee Brew Works kiosk provides local craft beer favorites that can help ease the pain of a long layover. Share the love by buying some to take home to fellow beer fans. [Concourse A/B Food Court Rotunda]
  • Tennessee Tavern: Because you can't have too many tourist traps, the Tennessee Tavern is a Jack Daniel's themed bar with a full-service food menu. Expect typical fare such as ribs, smoked chicken wings, pulled pork sandwiches, etc. Obviously there is ample liquor available, a huge plus. [Concourse B near Gate B-4]
  • Tootsies Orchid Lounge: An outpost of the wildly popular downtown country music venue and tavern, Tootsies provides two dining options. Need one last meat-and-three before hitting the road? Swett's is your only chance, having served the Nashville area since 1954. The other is Whitt's Barbecue, yet another 'Nashville tradition,' this one since 1978. [Concourse C near Gate C-7]
  • Vino Volo: Vino Volo offers a selection of wines to help make that layover go by just a little bit faster, along with small plates and sandwiches. [Concourse C, near Gate C-15]
  • Yazoo Brewery Kiosk: Serving a selection of Nashville’s Yazoo beer on draft to sip at the bar, in the concourse, or at the gate, they also sell six-packs of bottles to take to your final destination. Thank you. [Concourse C Food Court, near Gate C-23]
Yelp/Yazoo Brewing Company

Everything else:

  • Auntie Anne’s: There’s a time and a place for a hot pretzel dipped in sauce. Being stuck at BNA while hungry might just be that time. [Concourse C Food Court, near Gate C-14]
  • Burger King: Desperate times call for desperate measures, and there’s often a line for a grab-and-go burger. [Concourse C Food Court, near Gate C-14]
  • Famous Famiglia: It’s BNA’s sole pizza place (for now) — a chain from New York. [Concourse C Food Court, near Gate C-14]
  • Quiznos Subs: Sandwiches are easy to eat on a plane, if you’re running to catch a flight. [Concourse C Food Court, near Gate C-14]
  • Wendy’s: A pre-flight frosty and fries is not the worst idea you’ve ever had. [food court at A/B Rotunda]

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