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Here Is Prima's Dessert Menu (Along With a Few More Interior Looks)

It looks like Community Hospitality cleaned out Capitol Grille's pastry department.

Prima's interior
Prima's interior
Andrea Behrends

As Prima charges towards this Saturday's opening, more details continue to filter down, with word coming now that the restaurant's pastry chef is Dean Gallagher, who previously worked as the pastry sous chef at downtown's Capitol Grille. That news means that Community Hospitality, the group behind Prima as well as Josephine and Burger Up, has essentially cleaned house when it comes to Capitol Grille's pastry department, with the restaurant's former head pastry chef Kayla May moving over to Josephine back in August.

Gallagher's menu is starting off small, offering what the chef calls "clean and straight forward flavors" and utilizing "current Spanish and European finishes" on his desserts. In addition to dessert and pastry duties, Gallagher will also be in charge of creating house-made breads for Prima. Check out the opening dessert menu below.