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So What's Next Now That Music City Tippler Has Closed?

Three different restaurants have opened and failed in the seemingly cursed space. So what might be its next victim?

Inside Music City Tippler
Inside Music City Tippler
Will Vastine

So Music City Tippler breathed its last this past Friday night, closing its doors for good after just about 15 months in business. But it was certainly not the first restaurant to struggle in the sole ground floor retail spot in Midtown's Adelicia condo complex.

Its first inhabitant was Miro District, a new venture from Watermark owner Jerry Brown and his Hospitality Development Group. It opened in August of 2008 and closed in July of 2010, only to be re-invented as Fish & Co. under the same group. It eventually moved out of the space to 12 South and closed in October of 2012, making way for Taqueria del Sol. Then Music City Tippler opened its doors last August.

So what might be up next? It's not immediately clear, but it's a pretty good bet that Strategic Hospitality will play a big part in whatever it is. The Goldberg brothers' restaurant group was brought on by the Tippler owners back in August to try to get things in line, but the restaurant was obviously already too far gone. And now Eater hears from several sources that they are staying on as consultants for the next project.

And is it just coincidence that Chicago chef Rene Deleon, who joined the Strategic team several months back, tweeted out on his personal account, just a little over a week before the closing, the following: "Excited to say I am getting a restaurant to run. Details to come but for now there is work to do. Time to build a team."

Needless to say the future of this seemingly cursed space will become clear sooner than later. But in the meantime, be sure to send all tips and intel to the tipline.

Music City Tippler

1922 Adelicia Street, Nashville, TN 37212