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Jimmy Phillips Is OUT at Music City Tippler, Chris Futrell IN as Executive Chef

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Chris Futrell; Photo Twitter

Well it didn't take long for yet another change in the kitchen at Music City Tippler, as chef Jimmy Phillips is officially no longer associated with the restaurant. According to sources familiar with the matter, Phillips, who was hired on earlier this year to replace opening chef Abe Tsavalakoglou, left during Friday night's service, and was immediately replaced by sous chef Chris Futrell as executive chef. Futrell, a veteran of local restaurants such as Miel and Silo, recently returned from the Cayman Islands where he was head chef at a waterfront grill. Jacob Dowden, who was also a sous at Music City Tippler, is now chef de cuisine. Phillips move isn't entirely a surprise, as stories of similar behavior at other local restaurants have made their way around for years, not to mention his well-documented meltdown in early 2010 while working as chef at Miel. It's not known at this time what Phillips next step will be, so stay tuned.
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Music City Tippler

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