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DeSano Pizza to Limit (With Good Reason) BYOB Rules

Late yesterday via social media, popular pie purveyor DeSano Pizza Bakery stated that '[d]ue to excessive abuse by our customers, people have brought kegs multiple times, we are now BYOV. Wine only. No beer. Sorry.' Scott DeSano, owner of the pizzeria, which now also has locations in Charleston and LA, tells Eater that this was due to repeated abuse of their BYOB policy, including a group wheeling a full keg in a garbage can through the front door this past Saturday. The proposed ban caused a bit of a stir, with local craft beer aficionados voicing their displeasure. Luckily, it sounds like DeSano has found a compromise.

Says DeSano on the issue and hopeful remedy:

Kegs have been brought in three times now. This past Saturday we had two families come and complain because they didn't want their children sitting next to a bunch of people drinking from a keg. And we've had issues with groups playing drinking games, standing in their chairs. It offends people. We want people to have a good time, but bringing in kegs and huge coolers of beer, that's not in the spirit of what we're doing. But over half the beer we carry is craft, and I want to support that community. I want to be fair to everyone and provide the best environment I can, but there is no easy way to solve the issue. But I want to try and meet in the middle somehow, come up with a suitable compromise. So what we'll do is post a sign that says 'No kegs, no coolers, no buffoonery (no drinking games). Please respect your fellow patrons experience.' And we'll see how that works.

This particular problem appears to be solely a Nashville issue, as DeSano says that BYOB is not permitted in LA and that the Charleston location allows only wine from outside the restaurant, due to how problematic BYOB became here.
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