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Former Sam's Sushi Owner Sam Katakura Coming on Board The Acme

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Photo The Acme Feed & Seed/Mary Miller

Well here is a bit of unexpected news: Nashville's "Sushi Nazi" Sam Katakura (yes, that's right, of the recently shuttered downtown Sam's Sushi Bar) appears to be joining the opening team at Lower Broadway's upcoming The Acme Feed & Seed. Executive chef Matt Farley, who runs the kitchen at The Southern Steak & Oyster and is overseeing the menu development at The Acme, confirms with Eater that Katakura has indeed agreed to come on board. While exactly what his roll will be is still up in the air, Farley says they are in discussions about having him create signature sushi rolls for the second floor lounge area and the rooftop patio. Sam's Sushi Bar on 4th Avenue North shuttered at the end of April after 15 years in business, with Katakura stating that he "[didn't] want to die here," and that he planned to move back to Japan, where he grew up. Those plans have obviously changed. But will diners at The Acme still get to experience the abrasive "Sushi Nazi" that Nashville came to know and love? Here's hoping.
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