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Music City Tippler Hires Strategic Hospitality to Consult on Business Operations

As rumored last month, changes are indeed taking place at Music City Tippler, as Strategic Hospitality has been hired to consult on the day-to-day operations of the seemingly troubled restaurant and bar. The restaurant group, which owns and operates The Catbird Seat, Pinewood Social and The Patterson House, among others, tells Eater in a statement that as of yesterday they began "work[ing] with the Tippler to assist them with the operations of the business. Consulting work is another facet of our business and one we greatly enjoy. The challenge involved in stepping into an existing business and making it the best version of itself is rewarding experience and we look forward to working with the Tippler in the coming months." Since opening a year ago, the Tippler has had a revolving door when it comes to staff, with multiple executive chef changes, as well as a move earlier this year that essentially cleaned house.
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Music City Tippler

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