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Taco Bike Kickstarter Looks to Bring Breakfast Tacos to the Masses

Photo Taco Bike/Kickstarter

This past Monday a Kickstarter was launched for Taco Bike, a mobile 'restaurant' with the aim of 'serv[ing] organic, local, sustainable breakfast tacos from a bicycle.' Cayla Mackey, a co-founder of local publication Native, tells Eater that she found her inspiration for the project during her trips to Austin, Texas, where "it seems like almost every restaurant and cafe you walk in you can get delicious breakfast tacos." Mackey, who has no formal background in the restaurant industry, is looking to raise $10,000 (of which $2,402 is currently pledged), which would cover the build out of the bike trailer, permits, certifications and other expenses for the first three months. For Taco Bike, the breakfast tacos would be made at Pop in East Nashville, then put in a warmer and biked to their destination. And with a mission statement of 'chang[ing] the world, one taco at a time,' Mackey also aims for Taco Bike to be certified organic and certified humane, with a portion of all proceeds donated to local charities. Bicycle vendors, or 'non-brick-and-mortar restaurants,' are more common in larger cities, but have yet to catch on in Nashville. So perhaps this could be the start? [UPDATE: Taco Bike has officially met its Kickstarter goal of $10,000, crossing the mark on August 28 with four days to spare.]
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