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Boscos Restaurant and Brewing Company's Hillsboro Village Location Closes Unexpectedly

After 19 years in Hillsboro Village, Boscos served its last pint yesterday.

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Some rather unexpected news is out this morning, as Boscos Restaurant and Brewing Co. in Hillsboro Village has permanently closed. The Memphis-based craft brew outpost, a neighborhood mainstay for 19 years, sent an email out to loyalty members this morning announcing the sudden closure. Reasons for the move were not immediately given, but owner and vice president of operations Andrew Feinstone tells The Tennessean that he believes the next-door construction played a part in business slowing down.

There were certainly already signs of trouble for Boscos' Nashville holdings, as their Cool Springs location closed up shop early last month. Company president Jeremy Feinstone tells The Nashville Scene that the shutter was a long time coming due to financial pressure the company had been under since the recession, and that the focus will now be on the expansion of their Memphis-based Ghost River Brewing.