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Barista Parlor's Gulch Outpost Is Now Open, Minus Seating

Those sweet, sweet seats will hopefully be there soon.

The day has come for Barista Parlor to finally show off their shiny new digs in the Gulch. Having opened at 7 a.m. this morning, the space is exactly what you would expect: a retro-modern coffee shop with multiple roll-up garage doors in full use, keeping the space open, light and airy. And while it was pointed out yesterday that the hours and menu would be limited for the first week of business, who knew that the seating would be too? At the moment, there is actually nowhere to sit in the space. Photos of at least some of the furnishings were teased out on social media over a week ago, but certainly don't appear to have made it on site yet. But hopefully seating will appear before next Friday's full opening.