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Former Inn at Little Washington Pastry Chef Rachel De Jong IN at 5th and Taylor

De Jong spent three years at the highly regarded Virginia restaurant.

Eater Nashville

It looks like Germantown's 5th & Taylor is certainly starting to get their ducks in a row. Last week it was the announcement that Moto executive chef Andy Hayes is headed over to take the chef de cuisine position. Now word comes from 5th & Taylor's camp that Rachel De Jong, previously head pastry chef at The Inn at Little Washington in Washington, Virginia, is making the move to Nashville to head up their pastry program.

De Jong spent three years at The Inn, holding the position of pastry sous chef (head pastry chef) for the last eight months. She tells Eater that one of the biggest reasons for the move was the opportunity to work with Daniel Lindley, executive chef and owner, saying that she "really enjoys his philosophy on food."

She describes her personal style as "heavily French-influenced," while also drawing from her time growing up in California and living and working in the South. "I like to make things that are wholesome, that make you feel good and that aren't overly decadent."

De Jong also has a more personal connection to the project, as her sister, Ruth De Jong, an L.A.-based designer and interior decorator, is overseeing the interior design of the restaurant.