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Behold FLIP Burger's Full Menu

There's 16 different burgers and some crazy milkshakes, plus some items no other FLIP Burger has.

Eater Nashville

What will you eat when FLIP Burger's Sylvan Park location opens next Wednesday? Well, to help form a plan of attack, here now is an exclusive first look at the full menu. Small plates and sides, soups and salads, eight different beef burgers, eight more burgers with various proteins, a blue plate special and LN2 milkshakes (foie gras or Cap'n Crunch shakes, anyone?) are all on offer.

There are even a number of dishes, ten in total, that have been created specifically for FLIP's Nashville location, including the 'hot rabbit,' clearly an ode to Nashville hot chicken, with southern fried rabbit confit, white bread and pickles. Others include fried cheese curds, beef tartare, bison chili and a bison burger, salmon BLT and kale slaw.

As for drinks, there are twenty beers available, nine on tap, with several local offerings; nineteen wines, with all but one available by both the glass and bottle; and twelve specialty cocktails.