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Nashville Wine Auction's Pairings Dinner Brings Brooklyn Chefs to Town

Plus private chef/vintner dinners, wine parties and more.


It's time again for the Nashville Wine Auctions' annual 'Pairings' event, made up of three days of a truly excessive amount of wine and food. Set for Feb. 26-28, this year things have been changed up a bit, with ten 'Private Vintner Dinners' taking place on the first night in private homes and restaurants around the city, and teaming local chefs with winemakers. That Friday night will see a vintner party at The Rosewall with a silent auction.

But things get interesting at that Saturday night's 'Pairings' dinner at The Rosewall, in which four local chefs are selected to collaborate with well-known out-of-town chefs for a ticketed dinner. This year they have decided to bring all the guest chefs from Brooklyn, New York, and the line-up is pretty intriguing:

  • Josh Habiger (Pinewood Social) with Sean Rembold (Reynard)
  • Andy Hayes (currently of Moto, but soon to be with upcoming restaurant 5th & Taylor) with Joe Ogrodnek and Walker Stern (Battersby, Dover)
  • Andrew Little (Josephine) with Patti Jackson (Delaware and Hudson)
  • Mayme Gretsch (Utterly Nashville) with Sam Mason (Oddfellows Ice Cream)

Tickets are $200 per person for the event and can be purchased here.