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McGavocks in Germantown Is a No-Go, Space Back Up for Lease [UPDATED]

Willl Cumberland Hospitality Group's other project, Hob Nobs, also fall through?

The Warehouse at 6th & Taylor
The Warehouse at 6th & Taylor
Eater Nashville

Word is out that McGavocks, the restaurant and bar from Cumberland Hospitality Group (CHG) slated for the Warehouse at 6th & Taylor in Germantown, will not be moving forward and that the space is back up for grabs.

The project was first revealed back in April, but then things went silent. A post then appeared on the McGavocks Facebook page on November 18 saying "Here we go....," and clearly, there it went.

Another Cumberland Hospitality concept, martini and cigar bar Hob Nobs, was announced for Second Avenue back in July, but there hasn't been any movement yet on that project either. And Eater now hears that the group could be experiencing some financial difficulties. A rep for CHG was contacted but could not be reached at the time of this posting. Have any intel? Please send it on to the tipline.

[UPDATE: Barrett Hobbs, owner of Cumberland Hospitality Group and the main drive behind the McGavocks project, tells Eater that CHG is "financially sound" and is strictly a management company, having no ownership in any of his restaurant and bar concepts, including McGavocks and Hob Nobs. He also notes that the reason the McGavocks project did not work out was "a conflict in building design between what was available and what was going to be needed" for the restaurant and bar.

Hobbs also gives an update on Hob Nobs progress, saying that the project is still on and that they are looking at a late April, early May opening. In addition, he's also currently working on a waterfront bar called Neighbors at Drake's Creek in Hendersonville, which he hopes to open sometime in March. Check out a few photos of the project below.]