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UPDATED: Hermitage Cafe Is Getting a Makeover Courtesy of Food Network

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An interior renovation of Nashville's beloved diner is currently being filmed for American Diner Revival.


UPDATE: The renovation work at Hermitage Cafe has now been completed and you can take a peek at the finished product here.

So this is an interesting bit of news. A tipster let Eater know earlier today that Food Network show American Diner Revival, hosted by Ty Pennington and chef Amanda Freitag, has been in town this week filming the renovation of popular downtown diner Hermitage Cafe. Reported updates to the restaurant are said to include new counters, furniture, paint, windows, and flooring, plus a few "surprises" that will be revealed tonight during a "grand reopening." The general public is apparently invited to come check out the newly renovated space firsthand during tonight's reveal taping.

But did Hermitage Cafe really need an upgrade? Isn't that part of the restaurant's charm, that it isn't all shiny and new? If you plan on heading over there tonight or over the weekend, let us know your thoughts on the new Hermitage Cafe.

Hermitage Cafe

71 Hermitage Avenue, , TN 37210 (615) 254-8871 Visit Website