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What Exactly Will Be the Fate of the Shuttered Bound'ry?

Those supposed renovations have yet to materialize.

Eater Nashville

It's been over three months now since the sudden shutter of Midtown's longstanding Bound'ry restaurant. And while all signs, including the abrupt layoff of the majority of their staff and bogus temporary door signage, pointed at a permanent closing, the owners seemed adamant to dispel that theory.

At the time, a statement from the restaurant owners said that the closing was prompted by the need for renovations, and that they would continue their catering business while those were undertaken. And co-owner Joe Davis told The Nashville Scene the same, even going further by saying that the renovations would only keep the restaurant closed for July and most of August.

But here it is inching towards the middle of October, and there are no signs of renovations or construction of any kind inside the restaurant. Eater reached out to co-owner Brian Gruber for an update, but had not heard back at the time of this posting.

So will the restaurant make a return? It appears less and less likely, but do send along any tips and intel to the tipline.


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