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Edgehill (Formerly Edgehill Cafe) Opens in Their New Space Nov. 9

And here is your first look at their expanded menu.

Eater Nashville

Work is almost complete on Edgehill Village coffee shop and restaurant Edgehill's new space, as reps tell Eater that a grand opening date is now set for Monday, Nov. 9.

Located almost right next door to their current cafe, the new location will be slightly larger and more modern in design and offer more seating, including a large front patio. But possibly the most important changes are happening behind the scenes, as they will now have a full kitchen to work with, allowing them to expand their existing menu. And Eater has your first look at the new offerings below.

Because they will now have the ability to cook with fire, the menu, particularly lunch and dinner, can move into heartier territory. New items include a hot chicken sandwich and 'The Edgehill Burger,' along with fried chicken and tomato-braised beef short ribs.

They will also expand their beverage offerings, with a dedicated coffee bar and the addition of cocktails to the menu. Beer will be available immediately upon opening, with wine and liquor following in the next few weeks.

Edgehill Cafe

1201 Villa Pl, Nashville, TN 37212 (615) 301-8539 Visit Website