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New York City Cocktail Lounge Attaboy Is Planning Nashville Expansion

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Additional details are scant, but expect drinks "on-call" and a carved ice program.

Attaboy in New York City
Attaboy in New York City
Daniel Krieger/Eater NY

Some potentially big news for the Nashville cocktail scene, as the owners of Attaboy, a speakeasy-style cocktail bar widely regarded as one of the best in New York City, have plans to expand the concept to Music City. In an interview with online outlet Just Cocktails on Wednesday, co-owner Michael McIlroy dropped the bomb that Attaboy Nashville is in the works.

Well known for their lack of written menus and creating drinks "on-call," McIlroy couldn't divulge many specifics, but does say that it will be slightly larger than their current 35-seat space, and will serve food to some degree.

Eater reached out to co-owner Sam Ross, who declined to comment further due to ongoing lease negotiations. So definitely be sure to check back for more updates on this, and if you hear any intel, please do send it along to the tipline.