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Edgehill Coffee Shop and Restaurant Now Open in New Edgehill Village Location

And there is more seating, more food and more booze.

Eater Nashville

Edgehill made a quick switch this weekend, operating in their original location up until the end of the day Saturday, and officially opened in their new modern space next door earlier this morning. The big take-aways that come with the change? The coffee shop is now 500 square feet larger, has an additional 50 seats (including a dedicated outdoor patio) and has a full kitchen now, which will allow them to expand their menu and operate as a fully functioning restaurant. And there is alcohol, with beer available at opening, and wine and liquor following in the next few weeks.

Planning on checking out the new digs? Be sure to send any first impressions, good or bad, to the tipline.

Edgehill Cafe

1201 Villa Pl, Nashville, TN 37212 (615) 301-8539 Visit Website