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Is Strategic Hospitality Opening a 'Produce Bar' in the Entrepreneur Center?

The project would take the place of the Turnip Truck Cafe.

The Turnip Truck Cafe inside the Entrepreneur Center.
The Turnip Truck Cafe inside the Entrepreneur Center.
Turnip Truck Cafe at the EC/Facebook

Strategic Hospitality, the restaurant group behind Pinewood Social, The Catbird Seat and several other well-known projects, certainly can't seem to sit still, as a trusted tipster has alerted Eater that owners Ben and Max Goldberg are rumored to be taking over the Turnip Truck Cafe inside the Entrepreneur Center. What will it be turned in to? Word is a "produce bar," whatever that might be exactly.

The Entrepreneur Center is located at 41 Peabody Street in one of the redeveloped trolley barns at Rolling Mill Hill, right next to the Goldbergs' Pinewood Social. When contacted, an employee at the cafe told Eater that there would still be a cafe in operation, but that she could not comment further at this time. Eater reached out to Strategic Hospitality but had not heard back at the time of this posting.

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