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Gluten-Free Bakery Vegan Vee Opens Tomorrow in Sylvan Park

Expect an assortment of muffins, doughnuts, cookies, truffles and more.

Exterior/interior of Vegan Vee
Exterior/interior of Vegan Vee
Vegan Vee/Facebook

Grabbing a healthy dessert on the west side is about to get a little easier, as Vegan Vee, a gluten-free and vegan bakery, is opening in Sylvan Park. Located on 46th Avenue North, the new storefront had a 'trial run' this past Saturday morning, and apparently things went well, as they now plan to officially open for business tomorrow at 7 a.m. Planned offerings include traditional favorites like doughnuts, muffins and cookies, as well as macaroons, truffles and more. If you plan on heading over and checking it out this week, be sure to let us know your first impressions via the tipline.

Vegan Vee

306 46th Street N, Nashville, TN (615) 456-7390