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Just in Time For Warmer Weather, a Patio Bar Grows at Treehouse

And if you're in the St. Patrick's Day spirit, they've got a menu for you tonight.

The new patio bar at Treehouse.
The new patio bar at Treehouse.

East Nashville's Treehouse just can't seem to sit still. With frequent changes to the menu and what seem like frequent additions to the restaurant itself, the cozy Five Points hot spot continues to evolve. And now, just in time for a break in the weather, a new back patio bar is on its way.

Although it's small with seating for only five, the new bar will do wonders for those waiting outside for a table or just grabbing a quick drink on the patio.

And if you happen to be headed that way tonight, they've got a special St. Patrick's Day menu featuring soda bread, potato pancakes, bangers and mash and more. Check out the full menu below.


The Treehouse Restaurant

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