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Corsair Brewery Reveals New Line of Beer Offerings Today

Head to Marathon Village and be the first to try them.

Karen Lassiter, head brewer for Corsair.
Karen Lassiter, head brewer for Corsair.
Corsair Artisan Distillery/Facebook

Some new brew options are hitting the market today, as local spirits purveyor Corsair Artisan Distillery prepares to launch their new beer program. According to an announcement, the new line from head brewer Karen Lassiter (formerly the head brewer for Boscos) will be revealed at a tap party from 2 to 6 p.m. this afternoon at Corsair's Marathon Village home.

So what should you expect? Corsair owner and co-founder Darek Bell, in an interview with the Nashville Business Journal, reveals their four initial offerings: "[a] Hickory-smoked Altbier, made with Corsair smoked malt; an Imperial Irish Stout; Barrel Aged Maibock brewed with 100 percent Corsair malt and lagered in a Corsair Ryemageddon Whiskey barrel; an Ancient IPA made with spelt and faro; and a Viking Ale."

Plan on checking them out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or via the tipline.

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