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12 South's Josephine Is Adding a Tasting Menu to Their Arsenal

Called 'x|x:Josephine', the restaurant will offer a 10-course tasting two nights a week.

A sample menu from an early trial run of x|x: Josephine.
A sample menu from an early trial run of x|x: Josephine.

There's about to be another tasting menu game in town, as 12 South restaurant Josephine plans to launch 'x|x: Josephine,' a new multi-course dining option. Starting May 1, executive chef Andy Little and his team will be turning one of their community tables into a tasting table on Fridays and Saturdays, offering a 10-course menu with only ten spots available each night for the 8 p.m. seating. The cost of the meal itself will be $85, with an optional $35 beverage pairing consisting of mostly wine, but also including beers and cocktails.

Little tells Eater that he'd been toying with the idea of adding a tasting menu for a while:

I love tasting menus, but so often it's a buttoned-up, quiet experience. And I wanted to do one that was more laid back, loud. That 's how I like to enjoy it.

And this adds another facet to what we already do here. It gives us an opportunity to stretch our legs in the kitchen, use more boutique products and do something that wouldn't necessarily show up on the Josephine menu, but is still in line with our philosophy. With the a la carte menu, we want to try and reach as many people as possible. But with x|x, it allows for a little more experimentation.

Little adds that as a chef, he wants to be personally interactive with that group of diners, and that he will be hands on cooking every dish both nights. Expect courses to change week to week, depending upon product availability.

Reservations for 'x|x: Josephine' cannot be made online and are available only by calling the restaurant directly.

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