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Tennessee Brew Works Now Offers a Full Kitchen Menu

There's a 'Five Beer' burger and 'Nashville-style' hot frog legs.

Tennessee Brew Works/Facebook

Local microbrewery Tennessee Brew Works now has a fully functioning kitchen, and with that, has launched a proper food menu.

Brew Works partner and GM Adam Speyer had been making the push for a full-fledged kitchen since day one, and once that was in view, hired chef Jay Mitchell to craft the new menu. Mitchell is a veteran of the local restaurant scene, spending time at The Southern, helping to open Acme Feed and Seed and running TomKats Catering for several years.

The menu is concise, offering 12 items ranging from charcuterie and vegetable boards to house-made burrata and 'Nashville-style' hot frog legs. But to help keep things interesting, Mitchell has incorporated Brew Works beers into many of the dishes. Most prominent is the 'Five Beer Burger,' which utilizes in some way all five of their year-round brews. Larger dishes have suggested beer pairings to go along with them.

A kitchen grand opening is slated for April 10 from 5 to 10 p.m., so be sure to report back if you head over to try it out.

Tennessee Brew Works

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