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Edgehill Cafe Is Moving Into the Former Nomzilla Space

Major additions will include dedicated patio seating and a greatly expanded kitchen menu.

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Construction underway on Edgehill Cafe's new location.
Construction underway on Edgehill Cafe's new location.
Eater Nashville

Change is underway at Edgehill Village, as popular neighborhood spot Edgehill Cafe is moving, but not far. Construction on their new location, just two storefronts down in what was the former home of sushi restaurant Nomzilla, began a few weeks ago. As for the reason for the move, cafe owner Winn Elliott tells Eater that the new owners of the property, who purchased Edgehill Village back in March of last year, came to them and asked for their "wish list:"

I told them that we need more seats, a better patio, a full kitchen. And they said that our current space wouldn't support that, but what if they moved us? And I said 'Great!' And then Nomzilla moved out, and it all really started to fall in to place.

The new cafe, which will also take over office and storage space in the rear of the building along with the Nomzilla storefront, will be approximately 3,000 square feet, a little more than 500 square feet larger than their current space, and offer 95 seats inside, with dedicated patio seating for 24 to 30 outside.

Elliott says that the menu will also be getting a big upgrade, as they'll now be able to build out a full kitchen. "A lot of things we just can't do now because of the kitchen situation. But with our new one, we'll be able to cook with fire, and that changes everything, adds a whole new dimension. None of our current dishes are leaving, we're just adding to it."

On the beverage side, Elliott says that their coffee program has made huge strides under beverage director Jack Egan, and that it will be "front and center" at the new location, with its own bar. They'll also continue serving beer, wine and "possibly some cocktails."

Elliott is anticipating opening the new cafe late this summer, and says that they will stay open in their current location "until the very end."

Edgehill Cafe

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