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Sean Brock Officially Announces the Start of His 'Workshop Sessions' Dinners

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The planned dinner series has been nearly two years in the making.

Daniel Krieger

Late last night, almost two years to the day since Husk Nashville opened their doors, chef/partner Sean Brock tweeted out that the first Husk 'Workshop Sessions' dinner was finally coming.

Slated for June 21, 12 seats were offered up for the dinner, which will feature 15 courses at a cost of $135 plus drinks, tax and tip. It's already sold out of course, but a rep for Brock and Husk tells Eater that future dinners will be announced via the new Twitter handle @huskworkshopIt's not yet known how often these dinners will pop up, but the rep also says that there won't be any guest chefs, just Brock and just at Husk Nashville.

Details were first revealed for the 'Workshop Sessions' back in August 2013, with Brock describing his plans for the dinner series:

The Sessions are my brainchild. I wanted somewhere to play, have fun. And I've always wanted a small restaurant where I'm tasting every dish, touching every plate, talking with every guest. I'm really excited about that, and my plan is to do a lot of them, make it a main focus over the next two years.

Obviously the busy chef has had other irons in the fire since then, including the release of his cookbook Heritage and the opening of Minero in Charleston, SC and an upcoming outpost in Atlanta. But hopefully this time around the series will indeed pick up steam.


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