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312 Pizza Company Owners Opening Maple and Eggs in East Nashville

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The breakfast concept is slated to open this fall next to Holland House.

The future home of Maple and Eggs.
The future home of Maple and Eggs.
Eater Nashville

A new breakfast concept is coming to East Nashville, as the owners of Germantown's 312 Pizza Company plan to open Maple and Eggs, a restaurant focused on dishes featuring the two breakfast staples.

312's Dan and Staci Bockman, who also co-own Tempered European Indulgence (recently re-branded from Tempur Chocolate Shoppe) in Germantown, are opening the eatery at 941 West Eastland Avenue, next to Holland House Bar and Refuge. The property is owned by local businessman Cees Brinkman, who will also be an investor in the new restaurant. Brinkman is also part owner of both Holland House and The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden.

Staci Bockman tells Eater that it will be a "very traditional breakfast place," serving breakfast and lunch from 6 a.m. to 2 or 3 p.m. seven days a week. Eighty to ninety percent of the dishes will utilize eggs and/or maple syrup, with planned offerings including pancakes made with maple syrup mixed in to the batter; skillets, a hearty potato and egg-based breakfast dish; and a few as-yet-unnamed dishes from overseas locales such as the Netherlands and Switzerland. A selection of salads, paninis, wraps and soups will round out the menu. "We're not trying to one-up anyone when it comes to breakfast," says Bockman," we just want it to be really good. We want it to be familiar to people, and offer it at a high quality."

They also plan to focus a good deal of effort on their bar program, which Bockman says will feature alcoholic breakfast beverages beyond the usual array of mimosas, and coffee cocktails, which have caught on in other cities but are still a rarity in Nashville.

Bockman says they are currently in the engineering phase of the project, with a fall opening planned. The restaurant interior will have a "Victorian or antebellum style, with hints of Nashville." Plans call for 180 seats, 80 indoor and 100 outdoor, including garden seating in the front of the property and balcony seating off the second floor in the back. The upstairs will also be used as private banquet space, and plans are for the entire restaurant to be reservable at night for special events.