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UPDATED: East Nashville's Field House Seized by State for Nonpayment of Taxes

That would now make three different concepts that have graced this space in less than two years.

Eater Nashville

POST UPDATE: Ash Johnson, a former co-owner of Field House, tells Eater via email that he "left Field House in late January due to partnership disputes and disagreements on how the company was being run," referring to his former partner Sean Clem.

The hits seem to just keep coming at the 5th and Main mixed use development in East Nashville, as it appears that Field House restaurant and bar has been involuntarily closed down. A trusted tipster sent Eater the below photo earlier today, which shows a notice from the Tennessee Department of Revenue Tax Enforcement Division taped to their front door. The small print is a little blurry, but it reads: "This property has been seized for nonpayment of Tennessee State taxes...."

But things had gone a little quiet. Field House's Facebook and Twitter accounts have not been active since April 7, and several recent online accounts from potential diners describe the place as either being completely empty or locked up altogether during regular business hours.

It's always been a rough road for the little space at 507 Main Street. Originally housing an outpost of Otter's Chicken Tenders, that closed to make way for Myridia, then Antica, which closed last July, and now Field House. Ash Johnson was an owner in both Antica and Field House, partnering in the latter with Hootenanny Events managing partner Sean Clem.

Both Johnson and Clem had not responded to a request for comment at the time of this posting.

Field House Shutter

Field House

507 Main St, Nashville, TN 37206 (615) 942-5955