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It's Official: Edley's Bar-B-Que Announces Plans for Sylvan Park Location

They're shooting for a Spring 2016 opening.

Edley's Bar-B-Que/Facebook

It's been known for some time that Edley's Bar-B-Que was planning a third location in Sylvan Park, but now an official announcement is out today regarding the project.

From the Edley's Bar-B-Que website:

Edley’s Sylvan Park will find its home at the corner of Murphy Rd and 45th Ave N. Will Newman’s thoughts on the new locations, “we will strive to continue the excellence that Sylvan Park Restaurant brought to the community for the last 50 or 60 years.”

The new location will feature 110 seats with a 1,500 sq ft patio bordering the roundabout. The bar will feature approximately 20 taps and can be accessed from the patio fronting 45th Ave. You can also expect breakfast to be served on Saturday morning just like their 12 South and East Nashville locations.

They anticipate opening in Spring 2016.

So now that it's out there, be sure to check back in the coming months for updates and additional intel.

Edley's Bar-B-Que

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