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Country Star John Rich Plans Redneck Riviera Restaurant for Downtown Nashville

It will be both "high-end" and "family-friendly."

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John Rich (right) with Big Kenny
John Rich (right) with Big Kenny
Big & Rich/Facebook

No one asked for it, but Nashville's getting it, as country star John Rich, one half of duo Big and Rich, announced plans over the weekend for a new bar and restaurant in downtown Nashville.

Called Redneck Riviera, taking the name of Rich's lifestyle brand, The Tennessean reports that the project, slated to open in spring 2016, will be both "high-end" and "family-friendly," with Rich himself describing it as "the more rural, rowdy version of Margaritaville." He then goes further, describing it as "America's brand," and saying that "it's for people that work hard and play harder."

The Tennessean story also says that he plans to open additional locations in Myrtle Beach, S.C., and Pensacola, Fla.