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UPDATED: Midtown's Bound'ry Restaurant Has Closed for Good

The restaurant just celebrated their 20-year anniversary earlier this year.

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POST UPDATE: Bound'ry pastry chef Jessica Collins confirms with Eater that the restaurant has indeed closed its doors. However, the restaurant's co-owner Brian Gruber has also responded to the report, saying that Bound'ry is undergoing renovations, but telling Eater that there is no current timeline for reopening.

In what appears to be a sudden but not completely surprising move, Midtown's Bound'ry has reportedly closed their doors after 20 years in business. No announcement was made, and the following note appeared on the restaurant's doors Monday night:

Boundry Shutter 2

But multiple sources tell Eater that the restaurant is indeed closing, with reports that employees showed up to pick up their paychecks and were told that the restaurant would be shuttering. Various posts to social media also confirm this.

Eater reached out to the restaurant and co-owner Brian Gruber, but had not heard back at the time of this posting.

Bound'ry has been a dining mainstay, with some of Nashville's most well-known chefs, including Deb Paquette of Etch and Willy Thomas of Park Cafe, passing through their kitchen. But as noted in a Nashville Business Journal piece earlier this year, the restaurant has struggled in recent times, with Gruber saying that he "get[s] frustrated sometimes that Nashville's the new 'It City' but it forgets about the places that made it 'It City,' places that were here before national publications came[.]"

So is Bound'ry closed for good? Have any additional information? Please do pass it along to the tipline or hit the comments.


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