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Bound'ry Co-Owner Brian Gruber Responds to Closure Report

The restaurant's catering business will continue, but there's no timeline for re-opening.


New details are out regarding the apparent abrupt closing of Midtown restaurant Bound'ry, as co-owner Brian Gruber responded to inquiries with a statement, which subsequently was posted on the restaurant's Facebook page earlier this evening:

The Bound’ry will be closing for renovations, however the kitchen will remain open and our catering business will be going strong. We currently have catering events on the books through the end of the year – not only in the banquet sections of the restaurant but also off-site. The Bound’ry will continue to provide excellent cuisine to catering customers while we make the changes necessary to bring new energy and excitement to our dining rooms.

Initial reports were that all employees were let go, but Gruber tells Eater via email that that's not entirely the case: "We kept part of the catering staff and we are allowing employees to pick up catering shifts." And the front door signage that read "closed for renovations 6/29 - 7/5"? Gruber says that no timeline has been set for the remodeling to be completed.

While Gruber's official statement would make it sound as though Bound'ry will be back, a mass unannounced axing of employees, reports that peg lack of business as a primary reason for the shutter and no clear re-opening timeframe certainly don't bode well for the future. But as always, be sure to check back for updates.


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