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Construction on Midtown's French Landing Brewing Co. Has Finally Begun

And their adjusting their initial business plan as well.

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Future home of French Landing Brewing, pre-construction.
Future home of French Landing Brewing, pre-construction.
French Landing Brewing Co./Facebook

To say progress has been slow for long in-the-works Church Street brewery French Landing Brewing Co. would be an understatement. Initially announced in May of last year, the upstart has run into a number of construction delays, including right before things looked poised to take off at the beginning of March earlier this year. But as of the past few weeks, construction is finally underway.

In addition, they've also changed up their business model. According to a post on the brewery's temporary site last week, they now plan, at least for a while, to forego their original model of being primarily a distribution brewery and will open as a brewpub. Which means, in their words:

[W]e will likely release some things in kegs and/or bottles/cans, but by and large (at least for a while) you'll only be able to get our beers on draft and at the brewpub.....I'll be brewing smaller batches for a generally smaller audience, and thus I'll have some more leeway in what gets brewed. We also have a invaluable opportunity to make our setup a special food-beer pairing experience. So, all those beers I talked about last year as being our staples/seasonals are probably going to be different.

Be sure to check back as things continue to move along.